BIO Fenugreek oil 30ml


Experience the magic of centuries-old beauty secrets with the potent and rejuvenating power of our fenugreek oil.

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Fenugreek is used in gastronomy as a spice. It also has many medicinal properties and has been used since ancient times in medicine for cosmetic treatment of skin and hair for its strengthening, stimulating, emollient
and nourishing properties.

-On the skin: it is suitable for combating skin problems such as redness or eczema, which it can eliminate in just a few days. It is also effective when applied to dry, irritated and chapped skin, for faster healing and prevention of minor scars and stretch marks.
-On the face: Helps protect skin from aging, fights wrinkles, bags and dark circles, and restores skin radiance. In addition, it is also used in the treatment of acne and eczema.
-For hair: it is effective against hair loss and baldness. It strengthens dry, damaged and brittle hair and stimulates its growth. In addition, it helps to fight dandruff or even lice.

Directions for use:
-Apply directly to the skin as a body lotion or cream. It is recommended to massage the problem areas of the body carefully to allow the oil to penetrate the skin pores.
-To strengthen and stimulate hair growth, apply the oil from the roots along the length of the hair to the ends. For better application, you can help yourself with a comb. Leave the oil on for about 1 hour, then shampoo your hair.
-Another effective method to strengthen your hair is to massage the oil into your scalp and then wrap it in a warm towel for a few hours. Then wash the hair with shampoo.
— >The oil can be combined with other beauty products such as face creams, skin masks or hair shampoo.


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