Siwak, natural toothbrush


Experience the purity and power of nature with Siwak, the all-natural toothbrush that elevates your oral health routine to a whole new level.

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   Siwak (also known as Miswak) is a natural twig from the Salvadora persica tree that is traditionally used to clean teeth. The history of the use of siwak dates back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.
In Islam, siwak is considered a sunnah, a recommended practice that was also practised by the Prophet Muhammad. Today, Siwak is still a popular way of brushing teeth in many countries, especially in Muslim and Middle Eastern countries, and is also becoming increasingly popular in other parts of the world as a natural and eco-friendly alternative to the traditional toothbrush and toothpaste.

Used to clean the teeth and oral cavity. Its natural fibers and properties help to remove plaque, kill bacteria in the mouth and remove bad breath. Using siwak can also help improve gum health and reduce the risk of bleeding gums.

How to use:
1. Wash with water after removing Siwak from the vacuum container
2. Remove the top crust from the narrower side of the stick at the width of your pinky finger
3. Slowly chew through the fibres until they become a brush
4. Begin brushing in a top-down direction with gradual pressure and vice versa
5. Brush all five sides of the teeth: inner, outer, two sides and chewing surfaces
6. Do not forget the surface of the tongue
7. When you have finished, wash the brush with water and rinse your mouth
8. Brush several times a day
9. After a few days, when the frayed fibres lose their flavour, cut off the used fibres and repeat the process
10. If the stick dries out too much, soak it overnight in a glass of water
11. With daily use and regular trimming, one toothbrush lasts about 3-4 weeks
12. You don’t need to use toothpaste
13. Chewing refreshes not only your breath but also your taste, especially if you are a smoker


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