Moroccan Tea Set


Indulge in the timeless elegance of Moroccan tea culture with our handcrafted tea sets, crafted with exquisite artistry to bring an authentic touch of tradition to your teatime experience.

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   Tea culture in Morocco is a very important part of the local culture and traditions. It is a very important and social ritual that takes place almost every day during gatherings with family, friends or in markets and shops. Every Moroccan family owns at least one such tea set.
We offer you beautiful classic Moroccan tea sets that allow you to experience the authentic atmosphere of Moroccan tea culture, or to gift this experience to someone close to you. This tea set includes:

-Traditional Moroccan teapot (Berrad): Hand wrought metal teapot (400ml).
It has typical designs in the traditional Moroccan style. This teapot was made in the city of Fez, which is known for its history and traditional crafts such as leather goods, carpets, ceramics and in our case, quality and beautiful metal products including the teapot.

-Glasses (100ml): They also have traditional designs and come in a variety of colours. We offer for each set 3 glasses that are either light (yellow, green and red) or dark (blue, purple or brown). If you need more glasses, they can be purchased from us separately.

-Tray: 21cm diameter metal tray which has the same traditional designs. It is used as a tray for the whole set.

-Green tea 200g: We also offer you a very high quality green tea in a nice box. In Morocco green tea is the most popular type of tea. If you need more Tea, it can be purchased from us separately.


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